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  • Medical and engineering collaboration
  • Design thinking
  • Regulatory science

Developing and implementing talent development programs for global entrepreneurs specialized in medical and engineering collaboration. The target is to develop practical cultivation program for entrepreneurs in medical field that assimilates design thinking and regulatory science, while at the same time introducing good entrepreneur development programs from outside, including overseas university.

Talents we cultivate

This program aims to cultivate talents who not only have medical and engineering expertise but also have knowledge of regulatory science (validity and safety evaluation science over development of medicines / medical equipments as well as pharmaceutical regulations) that are essential in this field, and are able to respond with global perspectives as well. Furthermore, this aims to nurture talents who can assimilate medical engineering aspects along with design thinking from consumer perspective that links the those aspects to products and services, who can propose products that would match needs of both medical practitioners and patients, and who can prototype the products themselves.

Contents of the program

Innovations in medical and engineering collaboration have a few factors that are different to innovations in other fields / spheres. One is the need for basic understanding towards pharmaceutical regulations, and the other is that unlike pharmaceuticals, understanding on both aspects of functionality and design are necessary.

The program that will be developed and implemented this time is an entrepreneur development program specialized in medical field, and this is a talent development program that makes use of the strengths of this university and cooperating organizations working together (past achievements in medical and engineering collaboration) and assimilates those two factors (understanding of pharmaceutical regulations and design thinking).

The structure of the program is made up of lectures (classroom learning), practical trainings (group work), internships (practical on-the-job-training within companies), and overseas trainings (participation to overseas programs, visiting venture companies). In execution, faculty members who have been involved with entrepreneur education in nearby and overseas universities, and those who have experiences and history of being involved with medical and engineering collaboration of this university, as well as with establishment / operation of ventures are invited to take part in this as lecturers.

For execution of practical prototyping or internship, the plan includes having cooperation from companies participating in “Shiga Medical and Engineering Collaboration Manufacturing Network” on which Shiga Prefecture Industry Support Plaza acts as secretariat, and from Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture.

Furthermore, the program is expected to be assimilated into lectures for doctorate course of Graduate School of Medicine, and from the year 2015, be assimilated as compulsory elective subject of the cross-disciplinary medical practitioner course.

Main program personnel

  • Ikuo Tooyama - Professor and Head of Biomedical Innovation Center, Shiga University of Medical Science
  • Tohru Tani - Special Contract Professor, Biomedical Innovation Center, Shiga University of Medical Science
  • Shigeyuki Naka - Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Shiga University of Medical Science
  • Hiroshi Matsuura - Special Contract Professor, Biomedical Innovation Center, Shiga University of Medical Science
  • Kazuo Eda - Industry- University-Government Collaboration Coordinator, Research Collaboration and Promotion Center, Shiga University of Medical Science
  • Anthony Krantis - Professor and Director, Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
  • Robert J. Genco - Vice Provost, UB Office of Science, Technology Transfer and Economic Outreach, The State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Nobuhiko Hata - Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Bringham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Yuzo Nakase – Vice President, Micron Shiga Inc.

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