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  • Social implementation of research results
  • Social value creation
  • Development with cooperation between industry and university

Osaka University aims to contribute globally towards development of human society by realizing World Tekijuku (Tekijuku was a "place of learning" established by the doctor OGATA Koan in the 19th century, a school where many ambitious young people from all over Japan gathered to learn with the spirit of "responsible ethics, concern for people, for society" -- a spirit of selfless service and a sense of ethics..) in a worldwide scale. To achieve this, we aim to develop talents that have the spirit of collaborative innovation and ability to promote it. For that, an industry-university ecosystem that would support “university that contributes to the society” has been built, and global entrepreneurs are developed here through cooperation between the society and this university.

Talents we cultivate

We aim to turn out “World Tekijuku Groundbreakers” who would take lead in resolving issues of mankind and the society in this information based society. To be more specific, they are;

  • A new type of high-technology talents who have high levels of expertise and global perspectives, and would contribute to social value creation through social implementation of research results (Type II Doctors)
  • Business pioneers who would lead a team to unexplored territories in order to achieve resolution of high level issues
  • Industrialists in a broad sense such as entrepreneurs, next generation teachers who would promote innovation, researchers, directors or policy makers

Contents of the program

We build a sustainable ecosystem through cooperation between the university, industry and the society, which can cultivate talents as described the above. By implementing to the society science and technology created with our university as the core using this ecosystem, we would pragmatically develop global entrepreneurs who would answer potential needs of the society and create social impact.

In this project, following two programs will be provided.

Business Oriented Research Design Program (PG2)

A business oriented research design program that collaborates / expands through Project Based Learning (PBL) currently offered at the university such as Leading Graduate School Program, Teaching and Learning Support Center (TLSC) and Science Technology Entrepreneurship Laboratory (e-square), and implements it as a practical PBL with collaboration between industry and university. This is a program to develop practical research design skills that would lead to research project proposals that can result in sophisticated social value proposals, where university and industry can work together during the proposal planning stage of research.

Four stages are envisioned, from discovering needs to creating business models, and a program which use to be implemented in Japanese companies research center, has been arranged for universities and is carried out to learn techniques to succeed research development into business (PG2-1).

Furthermore, in cooperation with development program of University of California, San Diego and its global ecosystem, an on-site development program (PG2-2) will be also provided

Commercialization Promotion Program (PG3)

1) Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (PG3-1)
In order to increase people who would take on the challenge of starting up a business from research results, a customized program based on 5 DOI workshop of SRI International is carried out.

2) Technology Commercialization Program (PG3-2)
A talent development program (G-TEC) that had been held at Boston University and is currently being given in Osaka University is customized and implemented

3) Lean Launch Pad Program (PG3-3)
In order to turn research results into business opportunities, optimizing the contents to match the Japanese environment and goal strategies for venture compositions are implemented.

Main program personnel

  • Akio Baba – Vice-president and director, Head of Office for University-Industry Collaboration, Osaka University
  • Yasuo Kanematsu – Head of Innovation, Office for University-Industry Collaboration, Osaka University
  • Toshihiro Masaki – Head of Planning and Promotion, Office for University –Industry Collaboration, Osaka University
  • Tadao Nagatsuma – Professor, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University
  • Masahiro Yoshimoto – Professor, Department of Electronics, Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Yuichi Kado – Professor, Department of Electronics, Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Tatsumi Ishizuka – Head of Doctoral Students Career Development Department, Center for Economic Growth Strategy, Yokohama National University
  • Takao-Bamba – Specially Appointed Professor, Innovation, Office for University- Industry Collaboration, Osaka University
  • Toshihiko Matsuhashi – Professor UIC (University – Industry Collaboration), Planning and Promotion, Office for University-Industry Collaboration, Osaka University
  • Kosuke Kato – Associate Professor, Planning and Promotion, Office for University-Industry Collaboration, Osaka University

Programs recruiting participants

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