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At Kyushu University, with resources of QREC (Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center for Kyushu University) which is a leading presence in advanced entrepreneurship education, and Graduate School of Design that has various achievements in variety of design education, we promote innovation education with many of the departments cooperating together within the university, forming a university-wide, region-wide and worldwide innovation talent development ecosystem.

Talents we cultivate

Kyushu University strives to develop following talents through this project.

  • T-shaped talents (talents with in-depth expertise and broad perspectives)
  • Talents who can move proactively, and willing to take on challenges in order to realize new values in the society
  • Talents who would discover new issues in the society and propose practical products or services to overcome them
  • And talents who would design innovation process to its actual realization in the society, and can realize it by themselves. Or talents who can form a team for this process and realize social values.
  • Persons who can work anywhere in the world to realize innovations

Contents of the program

  • Efforts that had been made in the past for leading global entrepreneur (innovation talents) education mainly by Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center for Kyushu University (QREC) along with knowledge of Graduate School of Design that have various achievements in design education are utilized, and further expanded / developed with help of many departments within the university to spread across the entire university.
  • That is to say, to make Kyushu University a base for development of globally innovative entrepreneurs, multilateral innovation education are held in various departments within the university, and at the same time structures for information dissemination that would impact the entire university are formed.
  • Furthermore, utilizing and enhancing already broad networks with overseas, as well as regions with close relationship (Fukuoka city), region-wide and worldwide innovation talent development ecosystem is constructed, establishing an entrepreneur development system that would nurture more diversified and more global talents.
  • As to the contents of this project, nine educational projects will be carried out, including industry-university collaboration type PBL (problem based learning) coordinating with overseas university, classes on developing nation business creation, projects that assimilate design thinking, a Entrepreneurship Education of university seeds, business creation education for medical talents and such.
  • In addition, to ensure this innovation education project to be a sustained one, public relations, edification and information dissemination of this project are carried out, to improve desire to attend and to spread understanding on the importance of innovation education and innovation educator cultivation training project.
  • As to the contents of the education, we aspire to turn out talents who would truly create innovation, especially by strengthening and organizing education on business creation stage.

Main program personnel

  • Toru Tanigawa – Professor, Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research, Head of Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center, Kyushu University
  • Yasuyuki Hirai - Associate Professor, Department of Design Strategy, Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University
  • Yusuke Ando - Assistant Professor, Department of Research and Development of Next Generation Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University
  • Megumi Takata - Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University

Programs recruiting participants

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