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  • Business model creation and customer development
  • Design thinking
  • Next generation university-originated new business creation platform

EDGE Program (GTEP: Global Technology Entrepreneurship Program) at Kyoto University develops and provides educational programs for talents such as graduate students with advanced technical knowledge or young researchers, to create businesses proactively and to learn mindsets and skills necessary for widening the scope of career choices. This program is composed of several modules with differing degrees of difficulty, and covers from basic knowledge acquisition mainly through lectures to practical Entrepreneurship Education and coaching necessary for actually starting up a business.

Talents we cultivate

The program aims to develop highly skilled talents who have specialist knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to create a business. As to the Talents we cultivate, depending on interests and proficiency of the participant, this program envisions stages from level of having basic knowledge, to being able to actually startup a business.

Specific talents types are as below.

  1. Talents who have sufficient basic knowledge to be “engineers who understand management” and “entrepreneurs / businesspersons who understand technology and can create new business” with global perspectives
  2. Talents who have new ideas and sense of values through cooperation / discussion with researchers from different fields of specialty, business people, venture capitalists, and marketers
  3. Talents who have learnt practical business creation techniques such as persona method, specification of MVP, drawing up of business model hypothesis, or hypothesis testing using feedbacks from partners and customers
  4. Talents who have the eyes to assess business feasibility strictly, and can launch businesses in reality

Contents of the program

GTEP program is composed of four interlinking programs.

Module A-1

This is a program where basic knowledge on topics such as leadership, open innovation and entrepreneurship are taught in a short period time

Module A-2

This is an educational program at an overseas entrepreneurship ecosystem base that combines workshops with visits to members of the ecosystem, such as local universities, venture capitals and business startups.

Module B

This is a program where business startup processes are experienced comprehensively, from vision creation of technology / venture, construction of business model hypothesis and its substantiation, client development as well as prototyping, and partnering / fund raising.

Module C

This is a hands-on educational program that specializes in business creation in the field of medical equipments, and evolves business model hypothesis through external interactions similar to the approach in Module B.

Module D

This is a program that provides coaching necessary for matters such as constructing entrepreneurship ecosystem, assessment of business ideas for would-be entrepreneurs, evaluation of market and technology, business planning, and fund raising.

Main program personnel

  • Yasuo Sugiyama - Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
  • Tetsuo Kitani – Professor, Endowed Research Chair Innovation Management Science, Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation, Kyoto University
  • Yutaka Teranishi – Specially Appointed Professor, Medical Innovation Center, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
  • Koji Murota – Specially Appointed Professor and Head of Medical URA (university research administrator) Office, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University
  • Yoshifumi Nakata – Professor and Head of Institute for Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness, Graduate School of Policy and Management, Doshisha University
  • Tetsufumi Takimoto – Visiting Associate Professor, Endowed Research Chair Innovation Management Science, Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation, Kyoto University

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