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  • Innovative thinking mindset and tool sets
  • Business synthesis mindset and tool sets
  • Strong mentoring and support from PBL experienced faculties

Keio University offers the “Keio Global Innovator Acceleration Program,” providing a great opportunity to accelerate one’s capability as a global innovator. It is a joint program by three distinctive graduate schools: System Design and Management, Media and Governance and the Science and Technology.

Talents we cultivate

Keio Global Innovator Acceleration Program is best suited for participants who have strong background in certain field or domain and also has entrepreneurial mindset. By learning innovative thinking approaches in classroom and applying them in the project-based learning course work, the participants would convert their strength and mindset to interdisciplinary approach capability, new value proposition capability, new business synthesis capability that are considered to be essential for innovators in global context.

Contents of the program

Keio Global Innovator Acceleration Program is a joint program by three distinctive graduate schools. System Design and Management (SDM) offers the state-of-the art system design and management methodologies, Media and Governance (SFC) offers proven innovator nurturing approaches and environment, and Science and Technology offers leading-edge expert knowledge and perspectives.

The program consists of two segments; course work and project work.

Course work is a short but intensive curriculum to become familiar with what we call innovative thinking. It is a structured combination of design thinking, systems thinking, and business synthesis thinking. Both mindset and tool set are expected to be learned in this segment.

Project work is a project-based learning (PBL) curriculum offered in two types and a participant will be choosing one or the other.

Keio SDM type PBL is a new value proposing business design project conducted by teams of 5 to 6 people. The teams will pursue a new value proposition and its implementation and growth with strong support and mentoring from the SDM faculty members who are engineers, designers, and business experts. Graduate school of Science and Technology faculties will also mentor the teams with technical aspects.

Keio SFC type PBL is a project conducted by individual with a close relationship with SFC faculty member and project coordinator from off-campus. The project will focus on the continuous transition of product design, systems design, and business creation. Over the sea filed work related to the project is mandatory element for the SFC type.

Keio Innovation Forum will be held at the end of the Project work where all the Keio EEGE program participants and invites from other EDGE programs will join and share their outcomes and processes.

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Main program personnel

  • Maeno, Takashi Dean/Professor, Graduate School of SDM
  • Shirasaka, Seiko Associate Professor, Graduate School of SDM
  • Tomita, Yoshikazu Lecturer, Graduate School of SDM
  • Ishibashi, Kanenori Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of SDM
  • Oka, Kotaro Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering
  • Aoyama, Tojiro Dean/Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering
  • Ikeda, Yasushi Professor Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Tokuda, Hideyuki Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Yan, Wanglin Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance

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