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  • An interdisciplinary environment
  • Seven abilities
  • Phoenix Entrepreneur

At Hiroshima University, in an interdisciplinary environment, we provide “Entrepreneurial Ability Development Class” and “Entrepreneurship Training Class” that develop entrepreneurship mindsets / skills, as well as “Practical Entrepreneur Training Class” in forms of interactive workshops and internships. Education & Venture Business Creation Division in Center for Collaborative Research and Community Cooperation will be operating this.

Talents we cultivate

We strive to develop innovative talents who would aspire for peace, which is the founding philosophy of our university, while creating innovations based on research results and sustaining the will to contribute to improvement of well-being of people. We aspire to develop innovative talents who have the venture mindset to survive in entrepreneurial society regardless of being in or out of a company, having the ability to be tough, to be decisive, to find issues and resolve them, to manage risks, to communicate, to challenge and to be interdisciplinary.

Contents of the program

This project targets a wide range of people, from fields of science and technology, agriculture, medicine, social sciences and humanities as well as business people.

It starts in October every year, and in the first semester ending the following March, “Entrepreneurial Ability Development Class” is provided where mindsets for starting a business is learnt through group studies and lectures, which would form a foundation for the above mentioned “seven abilities.” In addition, by providing “Entrepreneurship Training Class” in which participants learn skills for starting a business through group learning, skill sets that can be put into practice in business creation process are acquired. To be more specific, lectures on management strategy theory, finance theory and marketing theory, as well as simulation games that assimilate business operation risk management and BCM (business continuity management) are provided. Furthermore, training camps for leaders are held, where practical abilities such as how to have visions and ways of thinking as a leader can be acquired.

In the latter six months (second semester), “Practical Entrepreneur Training Class” that is mainly done through PBL (problem based learning) with teams of around five members is carried out, in which the abilities and mindsets to design new innovations or business models in person would be honed. To be more specific, interactive innovation workshops are held, in which issues that must be resolved are created from the visions of future society that we should be aiming for, and the team would create business plans that would lead to resolution of these issues. Furthermore, issue finding type of internships / fieldworks are carried out, where issues hidden in the personal plans or global social issues that had not been noticed before are discovered through experiences at domestic or overseas companies.

At the time of graduation, “Phoenix Entrepreneurship Competition” is held. The winner of this competition will be hired as “Phoenix Entrepreneur” at Organization for Outreach and Partnership Promotion of Hiroshima University, and have the incubation activity supported by the university.

Main program personnel

  • Ritsuo Hashimoto – Deputy head of Organization for Outreach and Partnership Promotion, Hiroshima University
  • Maki Kawase – Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Organization for Outreach and Partnership Promotion, Hiroshima University
  • Takao Ito – Specially Appointed Professor, Institute of Engineering, Hiroshima University

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