an innovation ecosystem
in Japan

To promote the active development of ventures in Japan, the EDGE program (Enhancing Development of Global Entrepreneur Program), run by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, aims to create ventures based on the results of research and development carried out at universities, etc., foster human resources to promote the creation of new businesses with the help of the existing companies, and form an innovation ecosystem with related personnel and institutions.

Specifically, the aim is for graduate students and young researchers with special expertise, to acquire the entrepreneurial spirit, commercialization know-how, the ability to discover and find solutions to challenges and a broader perspective, providing support for practical measures to foster human resources, taking advantage of the students' initiatives. In particular, it is not simply providing short-term support for human resource development programs, but is also focusing on assisting efforts to build human and organizational networks among the parties concerned, through collaboration with venture-related institutions, overseas institutions and private companies, aiming to achieve a sustainable innovation ecosystem.

Since fiscal 2014, the business proposals of 13 schools have been adopted as three-year support schools. The 13 selected schools are sharing the knowledge and networks that form their individual foundations, while independently polishing the content and quality of their distinctive educational programs, and in doing so, they aim to enhance the quality of innovation education and entrepreneurship education and create an innovation ecosystem in Japan.

List of participating universities

Governing body

EDGE program (run by MEXT)

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EDGE program Secretariat (Contact: Ikuei Nakayama)